Dick Fletcher (Secretary)

I was born in Didcot and grew up in Wantage.  After graduating from Trinity College Dublin and a year at the Institute of Education, I spent 15 years teaching and working on curriculum development, distance education and teacher training with the British Council in Pakistan, Southern and East Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia.  After a stint at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, I set up my own software development and publishing company in 1983.  We moved to Mill End in 1991 and I retired in 2003.

Henley is a lively, exciting place to live, not least because the Henley Residents Group has fostered the development of the town, and cared for it, for the last twenty years.  I believe that national politics has little relevance to the management of the town, which is best served by a group of dedicated individuals of varied political persuasions working together for the good of the town.

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