Glen Lambert

My wife and I lived and worked in London, but moved to Henley 8 years ago after falling in love with the town and the lifestyle it offered our family. Henley punches well above its weight for such a small town. There are so many festivals, shows & events in the Henley calendar each year that there is always something going on and something to look forward to.

For most of my career, I have worked in Software and Web Applications development, IT Consultancy and Technical Training, frequently working around Europe. Closer to home, I have enjoyed working with several small businesses in Henley and want to get more involved with the local community.

I was drawn to the HRG by the dedication of its members and for its political independence – I believe national political allegiances and party politics should play no role in local council matters. Henley is extremely fortunate to have an independent group of residents controlling the council who act only for the good of the town and its people.