Simon Narracott

I am 50 years old and have lived in Henley for the last 10 Years on the Gainsborough Estate. Before that I lived in Reading, but have been a frequent visitor to Henley and the Regatta since I was 20. I live my partner and my 16 year old daughter, along with 2 cats. My daughter is currently at Gillotts in her final year, after which she will study at Henley College.

I am Secretary for the Gainsborough Residents Group, and have seen it flourish from its humble beginnings. I am very proud at what our community group has achieved since it was formed in 2011. Hardly a week goes by without some publicity or press release for our events or achievements.

I have been self employed for many years now, specializing in internet services, web applications and helping businesses better use IT within their organisations. Most of my time is spent working with startup companies who want to use computer technology to help deliver their dreams. Most of these companies are full of young and enthusiastic people and are great to work with. I hope to bring the same level of enthusiasm to the Town Council.

In previous employed roles I have been Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft (c. 1990) at IT Director at WorldOnline/Tiscali (c. 2000).

Whilst I have a very strong belief in self-sufficiency and wealth creation, I am also a strong believer in social justice and the requirement to have a fully inclusive society. It is important to provide for the full range of people in the community, which means across age ranges, incomes, and abilities. Only by considering the needs of all, and making sure that there are local facilities to meet their need, can we ensure a balanced and thriving Henley community.

The HRG is the only party that I feel can offer this to the residents of Henley. Many people do still believe that having a different party in the local elections to the main government brings better results, and I intend to deliver on that belief.